Saturday, August 4, 2018

Impressions of Color

Last night was opening of my show at Maryville College. There was a wonderful turnout of many good friends and their friends, as well as family. I so very much appreciate the support from everyone!

Beautiful flowers from my family in Norway, to wish me good luck.       

 Great turnout of good friends and family, and small reception of goodies. All thanks to the Art department at the College. Carl Gombert takes care of everything, and makes all of it look so good.

 First time I have worked in a pictorial series. The "Ironworks" series are inspired by a photo taken by my sister, Marita. Absolutely loved working with the different colorways. Right now I am not sure which color is my favorite, just love to see them together.

This is a leaf I found in Florida. Very hard and a little difficult to get definition. But finished they are my "Brain" pieces. Had so much fun working on them and coming up with names. "Mush Brain", "Grey Matter", "Left Brain, Right Brain".

 These are huge sycamore leaves, actually it's the same one used in all 4 pieces

Most of the pieces are a combination of machine outline stitching and hand seed stitching. I dye the pearl cotton to fit with the color scheme I am working on, and fill in all background.  I love this kind of handwork and it fills the need to work at a slower pace.
 These are large sycamore leaves and some Hawaiian leaves.    

 Another favorite is the boat on the waterfront. Have a thing for the old wooden rowing boats, just something about the wood and colors. My sister, Marita, sent me this photo which had to be a quilt .

The largest piece at the show. The huge leaves are from Tennessee and Hawaii. I don't work so much in cooler colors but this is one of my winter quilts

 And one of he smallest pieces at the show, a study of leaves from my back yard. More vibrant in real life.

My interest and fascination with Hawaii comes from two trips there, The islands are so diverse and the nature is so varied. The lush areas just so impressive, not just the size of the leaves but also the shapes. I could make hundreds of pieces from the inspiration of Hawaiian botanical life. And pretty soon I will have !

This Hawaiian inspired piece is appliqued, rather than transfer paint, and was made after many photographs of  leaves on O'Ahu.

Love to work with these colors, and the surprises that will occur is always  an "opportunity" to do something different, never a mistake. After I get my feet down on the ground again, I have many pieces of fabric,  a box full of leaves, lots of painted papers, ready to be something, very soon!       

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  1. Congrats with this show,Tone.Great work,love the Ironworks.