Thursday, March 9, 2017

Transfer Paint workshop at Jerry's Artarama

Great weekend class with "Transfer Paints" on fabric at Jerry's Artarama in Knoxville
 Mixing and demo of the transfer dyes turned into paints.

We are already making a lot of mess half an hour into the workshop. A big group of ladies from Smoky Mountain Quilting Guild (Knoxville) and a few other surface design ladies mixed paints and painted papers. We had papers everywhere, with lots of interesting designs and textures, just waiting to dry and  be transferred onto fabric.
Hot irons created many beautiful designs onto fabric. Leaves and papers were used as resists to create patterns.

Take a look at the huge variety of designs that were made, basically using the same colors, it all depends on what you mix and how you layer the colors on top of each other.  

 Thank you to all that were at the workshop, you were wonderful. And thanks to Liz at Jerry's for having a large work area for us.
 I was so inspired by this group that I painted lots of papers the next two days. Many new ideas for upcoming projects are now on my list as well as new ideas to experiment with. A few hikes in the mountains will for sure add more new leaves to my collection. Playtime is coming up!