Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paper making class at JC Campbell Folkschool

At the end of April I joined a few others in a paper making class at JC Campbell Folk School (Brasstown, NC)
This is the same place that I teach quilting and surface design.

Maggie Estes was the very capable instructor in paper making. During "Earth Week" all kinds of recycled paper was used to make the pulp. Paper was cut, soaked and blended in a blender.
Maggie did most of that, and mixed lots of pulp to be used in class.
Screens are dipped into the pulp and brought to the surface. Excess water is sponged off, and the screen turned up-side down on fabric. Many layers of these sheets are pressed. Later the layers are pulled apart and laid out to dry.

This grungy water, the end result of all kinds of colors added,  made a very nice grey colored paper, which is my favorite. Maybe I got a little carried away in the "production" of the gray paper sheets, but it was just so much fun.

We cut up some comic books that I have had since the 80-ies (not that old, right?) and had fun playing with that. Have no idea what I want to do with all the paper, but have gained a new respect for anyone who does this.

Some of Barbara's paper at Show and Tell.

Some of my paper, lots of colors, shapes and an attempt to do some printing.

Had to try some sheep. Wish I could make paper from wool, maybe my stash would shrink!

Inspired by leaves I had collected at the School, and used in a few Transfer paint quilts I made a few leaf shaped papers and a stamp to print on them. It was actually quite fun to print and add some painting finish. Now - what to do??

Thanks to Maggie Estes we were inspired and went home with some pretty neat papers and lots of ideas.