Friday, June 15, 2018

Transfer Paints with Foothills Piecemakers Quilters in Greenville, South Carolina

Going to Greenville, SC to Foothills Piecemakers Quilting Guild, for two days in June, was so fun.Wonderful to meet quilters from my first time there, back in 2016. The workshop this time was Transfer Paints, and had the opportunity to spend two days playing with paints, colors and many different fabrics. I am always so impressed of what comes out of a workshop, and all the creativity that emerges from very enthusiastic women .I am more than a little inspired when I go home.           

Have to show this little demo piece, because I truly got some real "red" color for once. Red is difficult, and very often show as pink. One of the women in the workshop, Mary, brought in some excellent polyester fabric that was just outstanding to work with, and I think that the fabric has a lot to do with this bright transfer. Mary was very generous, so I have a few more pieces of this fabric, ready to play next week. Cannot wait!

Usually the first day is spent mixing colors and painting papers. Some real interesting stuff going on. About 25-30 papers are usually enough for each for the next day transfers.

These two pictures are very good illustration of how this process works. Mary has transfered a base layer of yellow, and places several leaves on top. The leaves will act as resists, and as the  next color, red, is added on, the leaves will leave a yellow impression. Stronger colors will also give  more defined shapes.

Mary will add stitching to finish this piece.

In addition to bring us great fabrics, Mary also has a great sense of color. Strong, bright colors give wonderful definition, especially on the mimosa leaves below. You can see each individual little leaf. She is ready to pick leaves in the fall!

Nan  was able to transfer quite a bit of texture from the papers. She worked with grass and straw like plants and got some very detailed results, which she plans to finish with adding stitched details. They will make beautiful small landscapes.
This small collage piece has got lots of potential. Nan used leaves and paper stencils.

This is the finished "Miniature landscape" quilt, that Nan started in the previous workshop. She has added stitching, paint and embellishments which truly have brought this arched trail to life. Beautiful!

Martha did not stick to one paint color on the paper, rather played with many colors at the same time. That is how she created the striking collage effect below. Very random, yet keeping the movement with stencils and leaves moving across the fabric.

Janine fell in love with some of the paper stencils, and made many small designs using the front and back of the stencils. As the paper stencils also will pick up some of the colors from the transfer, she manipulated them with her color use. The one below is both her and mine favorite.

Debbie got a few unusual colors to work very well together. The "purple" and bright green combination could have turned out bad, but this one works! Strong imagery with lots of details will result in something beautiful when she adds stitching to define the details.

Debbie showed her "Miniature fabric postcard" she started in the earlier workshop. She finished it by adding detailed stitching and a border/frame. The barn is so life like! Debbie's first quilt

Gayle also did many multi colored painted papers. That doesn't always work well, but here the unusual markings and color combinations takes on a life of their own. These fabrics will be very fun to use, and I can imagine adding words in a few places.

So much fun to see what creative women can do! Hope to get some time to work next week, got some new ferns and leaves pressed and ready to go. Also want to test out a few new paper products, so I might have to crank up the heatpress.

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