Sunday, March 9, 2014

Felting at the Folkschool

Last week of February Geri Forkner was teaching a Nuno felting class at JC Campell Folkschool (Brasstown NC), and I was lucky enough to help as an assistant teacher. So much fun, and so much cold. This picture is taken from inside my car one morning going to breakfast. This is the week when I have biscuits, bacon and eggs every day, plus some oatmeal just to keep it healthy. The food is wonderful..

Geri to the left and Pat Thomas to the right. Pat is another instructor at the Folkschool, teaching marbling  on fabric and paper. Hope I can take that class soon. This week she joined us for nuno felting.

 Carol has her beautiful bright colors laid out with geometric shapes. A full table will felt/shrink down about 30-40%. The finished piece on the right. Still bright but now with lots of texture.
Christine made a series of veggies. This is the "Beet". Great to have a young person in a class, lots of energy and creativity!

Kay made several collage style pieces, this one incorporates yarns, silks, and dark and bright colors.

Jan created these beautiful flowers, which will become a bag.

Laura's very colorful collage has an abundance of colors,  shapes and textures. it is quite large too, so many possibilities for what she can use it for.

Just a few projects from this class. Beautiful colors and creativity. Lots of textures and shapes. Some of these will be used in larger projects, and some will be kept as samples.  Color and texture  are for sure the most interesting elements in nuno felting.

My big project that week.  A very long piece of hand dyed silk chiffon, cut into a cone shape.

 Laying out a very this layer of merino, about 4 oz.
 Everything is covered. Wet it down, cover in plastic, roll in bubble wrap, and roll for a couple of hours. It is physical but in a good way.
 It is sticking together enough to come out of the plastic and be worked on the table.
 Felted and full to finished size, shrinking about 35%. Next steaming and working on the edges.
Eda is being the model. This is going to the Fashion show at "The Museum at 5Points" in Cleveland TN, March 29.

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