Sunday, February 9, 2014

John C Campbell Folkschool Quilting class

Just back form John C Campbell Folkschool in Brasstown, NC.  A very cold week, with snow flurries, so staying in the studio was a good idea. The class was "Free Form Machine applique".  All 7 ladies brought pictures, from trips, scenery and personal memories. I love it when there is such a diverse group of ideas.
The first day we spent going over technical things ,and materials to use. Then making patters for each one of the designs. Will not give away all that info, you should come to a class!

From the show and tell exhibit at the end of the week.

Here are the wonderful ladies and their quilts on the last day of the class. I am very impressed when I see what they created, everyone came with a very open mind and willing to use whatever technique and materials needed to get the job done.

Joanne(Avink) from Michigan .

This is the light house "Big Red" at Holland, MI

Wouldn't you want to visit this place? I just think that the big blue sky behind the light house gives it such great perspective. The wooden light house is now in fabric. A beautiful job with the free motion stitching

Lynda (Doll) from Georgia

This is from a photo taken in Africa of a "Grey crowned Crane".  With the fussy or feathery crown on his head  he looks kind of regal.  Lots of detail work with the fabrics and the stitching on top. Lynda added inks, angelina fibers and tulle to give this large bird a very lifelike appearance. Very nice free motion quilting.

Nancy (Sievert) from Georgia.

Nancy combines two photos she had taken in Denmark, Western Australia. One was the stunning bright yellow/orange mushrooms and the other of a little "Splendid Blue Wren". They belong together on the two tree trunks, and Lynda truly made that work. The mushrooms are 3D and very lifelike.  She added yarn, tulle, inks, angelina fibers and lots of stitching to make this scenic quilt. What a memory from the time spent in Australia.

Adele (Steele) from Georgia

 Adele was very prolific, and may I add a workhorse (this is meant in the nice-est way possible!) The first piece she did was with a beautiful William Morris collection in pinks, reds, greens and blacks. The "Lotus" flower has come to life. She appliqued, free from stitched and quilted  (and finished the binding!) this quilt,
 as well as got a lot of the work done on this Art Nouveau inspired piece. Batiks, and metallic lame joins together in this flowing design. It will have stitching and  quilting, and I cannot wait till it is done.

                                                            Jane (Threlkeld) from Georgia
 Jane called this "The Perky Parrot from Porto Rico",  and that is a good working title. He for sure looks like he owns the flowers in the jungle! Most of the fabrics Jane used she had dyed herself, and was very willing to cut them into swiss cheese to find the perfect color for her flower design. Excellent free form stitching on the flowers and the parrot.

Christine (Tucker) from Ohio
 Chris's photos really brought back many good memories from my own trips to Greece. This is a long time ago, but the streets of Athens looks the same. The brightness of the buildings and the impressive greenery and flowers are so perfect for this street scene.
 The right fabric choices gives this quilt a great perspective. The flowers and leaves were made using Solvy to create a open natural feel.

                                                          Janice (Hammond) from New York
 This quilt truly warms my heart, and everyone else in the class as well. Janice recently lost her husband and the photo she had of Marv fishing on the Hudson River Upstate New York inspired her to create this wonderful and personal piece.Janice was open to every suggestion thrown her way (and that was quite a few!) and added tulle and free form stitching to make a memorable wall quilt. I was amazed to see how  her free motion quilting was improving in just two days. Hope you continue the good work!


  1. You have been working with real talented people!(like yourself)

  2. Great pictures! Love seeing the work.