Saturday, April 7, 2018

Felted Bags at Appalachian Center

Spring has come and gone here in East Tennessee. We has a few beautiful weeks where everything was blooming, even the violets in the cracks of my porch bricks. However it turned cold again, and that was a good time for a felting class at the Appalachian Arts and Craft Center in Norris, TN

Seven ladies were ready to get going on various bag projects. A little demo was in order, especially since there were a few beginners in this class. All had a very successful day making at least two bags and tackling using resist to create a bag without seams , and strong enough to carry with you.                                                                                                        

Lynn, Nancy and Marian are all more experienced so they are tackling larger bags, and they turned out great. See below for the results.

Jane is a beginner, but she for sure got the hang of laying out the wool rowing.
Adonia, choosing my favorite color, and trying the C1 wool batt, which is different from the Merino tops, it is coarser but will make a very strong bag.
Erin laying out yellows for a circular bag. She might turn this into a backpack.
Our first samples, can be mug rugs or needle cases.

Nancy, Marian and Lynn's production! It's amazing what can get done in one day.
Jane, Amalie, Kim, Tone and Adonia, with some very creative samples and bags. When the bags are dry, and a strap is attached they are ready to be used.
Adonia's crop!
Erin's circle and triangular bags.

Jane, Amalie, and Kim wonderful pictoral pieces. Beautiful!

Thanks to all for coming! Looking forward to seeing all of you again.

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