Wednesday, April 4, 2018

2018 Class Descriptions

  • Freeform  Machine Appliqué
  • Chained Up
    • Freeform machine appliqué combined with machine embroidery can create very personal and detailed quits, such as pictorial quilts. Master working with fusible web and practice free-form straight stitch for applique. I will provide some patterns to get started. For classes 2 days or longer, bring personal inspirations in the forms of photos and drawings. 
    • Length: 2 Days (can be extended)
    • Intermediate Level: familiarity with sewing machine required 

  • Easy Arch
  • Mirrors of Eri(n)sed
    • Focus on rotary cutting and mastering curves in this fast-paced and fun class. Following very simple directions, cut multiple layers of fabrics and sew many blocks simultaneously to create several finished blocks in a short time. The blocks can be arranged in various settings with many attractive options
    • Length: 1 day (can be extended for more exciting options)
    • Intermediate Level: comfortable with a rotary cutter is a must.

  • Transfer Paints with botanical elements
    • Discover a different kind of paint for fabric. Transfer paints rely on heat to bond with synthetic fibers. They can be layered to look like watercolor wash or applied in more defined shapes. Used on synthetic fabrics like polyester or poly/cotton blends, brilliant colors result. Textured fabric like lace will produce textured pattern. Try some small projects with botanical elements, creating a collection of unique samples, as a starting point for more resolved design opportunities. In this workshop we will work on small projects with fun and surprising results. 
    • Length: two days (can be extended for more resolved designs)
    • Intermediate Level

Transfer Leaves 
  • Miniature Fabric Landscapes

    • In this class you will learn to turn your favorite post cards or photos into wonderful miniature quilts. You will use a fusible web for minimal of sewing. With the help of a simple design you can turn your scrap bag into something fun. Some machine embroidery and embellishments give your little quilts character. These miniature can be finished in a day with the use of your scrap bag and the sharing of others' fabrics
    • Length: 1 day
    • Intermediate Level

Examples of student work 
  • Fees for Workshops and Lectures/Trunk Shows
    • 1 Day Workshop: $550
    • Lecture/Trunk w/ Workshop: $300
    • Lecture/Trunk Show Only $350
    • Class Limit 20
  • Travel expenses will be mileage or any other means of transportation needed. 
  • Lodging and food to be covered by the contracting group/person

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