Thursday, June 1, 2017

Transfer Painted fabric at John C Campbell Folkschool

Getting to spend a whole week at this beautiful campus in the North Carolina Mountains is a treat in more than one way. Nature is beautiful,  food delicious, weather could have been better, but company wonderful. Speaking of weather, great temperature but two days of rain and a tornado warning made us stay inside were a  very impressive amount of outstanding fabric was manipulated and became personal pieces of textile art.

 The Quilt studio at the Folkschool is large, well lit and has plenty of worktables, and very big design walls all around.

Chris Tucker from Ohio got off to a very good start and created all the fabrics seen here. She tried many color combinations, and actually finished a wall quilt in mostly blue and yellow. Some of my favorites are the pink/red and green four panels, which she plan to  make placemats out of. Chris has been in several of my classes and it is always a great pleasure to spend a week with her.

Chris Stanley from Ohio did some beautiful pieces with a slightly softer color palette. The reason for the softer shades is partly due to the iron and the heat it generated. Some colors need more heat and it is not always easy to control how the color is transferred to the fabric. Chris  made some outstanding small pieces, and finished one with border and machine quilting, and hopefully will use some of the other pieces in future projects.

Sue Schultz from Arkansas certainly was very productive this week!   She worked with all color combinations and then some. Leaves and ferns are glowing from her fabric pieces. She  finished a small piece and was almost done with the the larger wall piece, getting a lot of free motion quilting done. I know she will use many of the pieces for more projects, and hopefully play some more with the paint. Several of the small pieces would looks fantastic together in one piece. She achieved very strong colors, with great definition.

As part of several demos this week at the Folkschool I enjoyed showing and talking to several other student that were enrolled in other classes. It is always fun to talk with someone who is interested in what you do (thanks for taking the photos Sue!).

This last week of May was very  inspiring and I came home with lots of ideas, as well as some newly started projects. Many that I will share later as they progress from idea to finished projects, thanks to a small but very special group!

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