Sunday, November 6, 2016

Miniature Fabric postcards workshop

Miniature Fabric postcards workshop 
with Foothills Piecemakers Quilting Guild in Greenville, South Carolina.

The first week of November I had the privilege to teach a very fun quilting workshop in Greenville, South Carolina. Using postcards and photographs, many small art pieces were created, most with a very personal touch. Some were depicting scenery from travels and familiar places, both near and far. These small treasures take on a life of their own and soon become a little jewel with added stitching and embellishments. You could send these postcards in the mail, just make sure the stamp stays put!

All different sizes were made, some very small, around 6"x 8", and some were as big as 12" x 12". I love the variety from this workshop, and wish I could see them finished. To all the ladies in this workshop- a big thank you! I had a wonderful time!

Joanna's Light House

Gayle's Scottish coastline with castle

Rita's Beach and surfboard scene
Susan's Tuscan countryside
Martha's Landscape from Breward, NC
Nieves' beach scene from her nephew's honeymoon.
Nancy's beautiful stone wall.
Debbie's country barn at the foothills.
Pat's water bird in a beautiful river backdrop.
Mary's Forrest scene with an old wooden bridge.
Phyllis' river, mountain and waterfall.

Suzanne's round and dimensional rock.

Sandy's Mt Denali in Alaska.

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