Friday, September 11, 2015

Felted Bag workshop at Appalachian Arts and Craft center in Norris.

Wet felting bags is so much fun, and that was what we did in this class at the Arts and Crafts center at the end of August. I forgot my camera this time, and Karen Bills very graciously let me use some of the photos she took in class. To warm up (even though it was 90 degrees outside!) we made small mug rugs just to get a feel of what the wool rowing will do as we work it through the felting process. Love these!

 Many of the ladies had never felted before, so some practise is needed to draft the wool rowing to get an even layer of wool, make that 3 or 4 layers. Then add water and soap, bubble wrap and your hands will do the work.

Miriam and Lynn have both done this a few times. And I am so happy to have them in class, it is almost like having my own sisters there!.

Adonia adds some final decoration to the front of her bag. Beautiful color choices.

A very nice overall decor to this white bag.

 Karen's fall colors came together so great. She spend some time on this design, but it was worth it. On the finished bag this will be the fold-over flap and the back of the bag. The front is equally beautiful.

Bag is almost done! Just a little more throwing and rolling, to full the bag so that it is dense enough to be used. Felt is a very strong material, but still soft to the touch.

8 great ladies in class (Karen is taking the pic).

I think we can be very pleased with production that day. Everyone made a cute mug rug, a small bag to practise using resist, and a medium size bag with inside pocket, that is large enough to be used as a handbag.
Just needs a handle, and ready to use. (will take a few days to dry, and can still be shaped). Thanks for a fun day, making bags is my favorite felting project.

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