Sunday, January 19, 2014

Felting: Nuno felted collage

Have been working on nuno felted collages last year. It is quite interesting how colors and textures change when silk fabrics and wool fuse together. Most of the silks are my own hand-dyed, but I throw in a few commercial prints too. The first one is a big piece with red wool on the back, which gives it a reddish overall look as the wool comes through to the front. The second piece is smaller, with blue and orange wool on the back. You can see where the orange show through. The silks I used are hand-dyed silk organza. The organza is a little stiff before it gets felted, but gets softer after the felting process. It takes the dye beautifully, and I love to work with this fabric.
Red collage 

Northern lights

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